What is a Storage LUN on a SAN?

Logical unit number (LUN) refers to a specific storage within the storage area network. The LUN is a single logical partition of the physical disk by the storage networks in order for the host server to easily access the storage area network. LUN ensure efficient management of the storage by determining the host to access a specific storage. Storage area network (SAN) on the other hand, refers to the network or the subnetwork which links and presents the wide range storage of shared storage devices to the multiple servers. SAN eliminates all the storage devices from the common user network before reorganizing these resources into a high performance and independent network. This phenomenon allows all the servers to gain access to the shared storage however; they are detached from the server. This article explores the Logical unit number storage on the storage area network.

LUN converts the disk space into specific logical space for storage that is accessible and used by the host server. They can be shared among several servers and serve as a vehicle for delivering storage. The SAN fabric has to be configured ensuring that the logical unit number and the disks match with specific servers. The management of the storage traffic is enhanced by the necessary configuration and these configurations also help promote the security of SAN by preventing unauthorized server from accessing the LUN. One can limit the servers and storage subsystems that can access each other by placing them in the identical zone. In hard zoning the device is specifically assigned to the zone permanently while in the soft zoning the devices assigned to the specific zone can be changed.

When the SAN is zoned the LUNs are then masked in order to ensure that a single host server has the ability to see specific LUNs. . Masking help hide the LUNs in a specific zone ensuring unrivalled level of control to the zone. When the zones on the SAN have been configured the masking of the LUNs is possible so that the server can see specific zones of your choice. The scaling and performance of LUN tend to vary depending on the disk or the disk configuration hence, it is necessary to consider the medium when the LUN storage. Software tools are essential in the LUN development, manipulation and reporting. The management tools for LUN supports the whole storage process and should allow for masking, mapping and reliable reporting. These tools are easily available in the local retail outlets

In conclusion, the logical unit number provides for the necessary storage by partitioning a physical disk which enables the host server to access the SAN. This is the best way to configure these zones so that you can limit the access of LUN while ensuring securing of the SAN.