What is a corrupted partition?

A partition is a segment of the hard disk which is distinct from other segments. The hard disk is divided into numerous partitions in order for the files and the directories to be stored in different partitions. The hard disk is usually partitioned in order to protect the data, run several operating systems on one personal computer and enhance the performance of the hard disk. Once the partition is corrupted one cannot access the partition itself in the window. These partitions however, are usually susceptible to corruption. This denies you a chance to access your stored data on the corrupted partitions. In order to access the files from a corrupted partition, there is need to recover them first. This article analyzes in details characteristics of a corrupted partition you need to understand.

The corrupted partition is usually hidden especially for the users who hide partition containing the confidential information in a place inaccessible to others. Once such partitions are corrupted you will not be able to see them in the windows explorer and nothing can be done to fix the problem using the available function meant to fix the problem as it is grayish. This can only be recovered using the third party program. Corrupted partition also result into the missing of the drive letter, the partition in ‘My Computer’ goes missing while it can be seen in the ‘Disk Management’ the removal of the drive letter may be due to the virus attack, failure by the system to allocate letters for other partitions or the drive letter removed accidentally.

The corrupted partition becomes RAW partitions. A RAW partition is that which has not been formatted with the Microsoft Windows NT. When clicking on the raw partition you will receive an error messages that may take various forms. I addition, corrupted partition may become unallocated space which is inaccessible. The disk with unallocated space is a space that is not created with the current partition. The other feature of a corrupted hard drive is the denied access or the partition being inaccessible. The partition may also be inaccessible and with the incorrect parameter. Moreover, the shared partitions will not be accessible from other personal computers when the partition is corrupted.

The corrupted partition of the hard disk is not accessible and the directory or the file unreadable and corrupted. This form of a corrupt partition will be detected by the error message when you open the windows partitions. The other message with the inaccessible corrupted partition is the data error. It is caused by power loss or the corrupt operating system. The device can’t be recognized message is also due to problems of the corrupted partition.

The above listed ways in which the corrupted partition manifests itself to the user have remedies to each one of them. However, most of them require expert advice like Data Recovery Services in Miami as it may lead to irrevocable data loss if attempted on your own such as using Partition Recovery, a built-in feature in MiniTool Partition Wizard.