Most anticipated PC release games for 2018

Pc games are very entertaining. Whether it’s a single player of multiple players one, a game reduces the monotony of a day’s work. It helps relax both the body and the mind. As we approach the end of 2018, the busiest period for releasing new PC games looms. Many games are still in the queue to be released before we close this year. Below are some of the most anticipated games of 2018.

Shadow of the Tomb Rider

This game is played from a third-person perspective. Although it is identical to the Rise, the game has several adjustments. For example, players can participate in side missions and trade resources via the new barter system. Aside from that, the introduction of air pockets enables Lara to hold her breather underwater for a more extended period as well as the ability to rapper down a cliff using a rope. It is identical to its predecessor in that a player can hunt wild animals, solve puzzles, craft materials and explore optional tombs.

Hitman 2

Just like the 2016 version, the Agent 47 working for ICA will be travelling to various places assassinating high profile targets. The game features six missions set in different location. It new introduced concussive gadgets to render an NPC unconscious as well as a briefcase to carry sniper rifle without being detected.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Western-based action-adventure game set in the open word. The game revolves around Arthur Morgan, an outlawed member of the 1899 Van der Linde gang. Other returning members from the previous version include John Marston and Dutch Van der Linde.


This game is an action-adventure set in the modern New York and played from the third person perspective. It game features aerial combat, spider sense, and reflexes. The players will be able to use Spiderman ability such as web-slinging and wall-crawling as well as crafting and use of different suits with unique powers.


FIFA 19 is a modern football game featuring all the leagues including the Champions League, Supercup, and the Europa League. However, the Russian league will not be present as it is in previous versions. Some additional key features include dynamic tactics which allow the players to switch positions and formation in real time during the game and the Chinese super league.

There are many more anticipated games which include Pro Evolution Soccer, Rider 3, and The Walking Dead. The Final Season Episode 1 among others.