Data Recovery 101: Encryption Basics

Is there any kind of a data or information that is not shared over the internet today or not stored digitally? Whether it’s the photos of your birthday party or credit card information, everything is stored on your laptop or other devices. It is convenient and more importantly safer than the physical storage. But, to keep your personal and sensitive data safe, you can use free file encryption software, because that’s seem to be the need of the hour.

Gone are the days when locking your system was enough to protect the data inside it. With the increasing popularity of cloud storage, more and more people are now storing their data online. This has also increased the risk of data theft and intrusion.

What does file encryption do?

Simply put, free file encryption software can encrypt your data by turning it into unreadable, mathematical codes. This means your data will be in a different forms than what it was and it can de decrypted using only the secret password that only you know. The mechanism is similar to coding and ciphering.

Today, from individuals to large organizations to the government, all are using encryption as the method of data protection.

How Encryption is different than any other data protection method

We spoke to the only data recovery lab in Orlando Florida and asked them for a professional opinion. They informed us that unlike other application and software which can simply lock your data in the folder or lock your system, file encryption software actually makes your data completely invisible. Other software can easily be broken into, but encryption software uses highly advanced cryptographic algorithms like AES, Triple DES, RC2 and DES. These algorithms have been proven to be unbreakable as they were previously used to encrypt highly confidential government and military data.

The best thing about using free file encryption software is that it makes your data completely inaccessible to hackers. This means, even if your device is stolen, the data inside will always remain protected since it cannot be read without a valid password.

How Is It Convenient

If you think using file encryption software must be bothersome since it is such advanced technology? Think again. Most of the free file encryption software, such as the FileArmour has basic two to three steps that allow you to easily encrypt and decrypt your data without spending hours on them. The user interface is easy to use and will give immediate access to your files.

To add more convenience, you have the freedom to choose the files and folder you want to encrypt. You don’t have to encrypt the entire system, although you have the option to. With this, you can easily add or remove items according to your preference. As for the access, you just have to put the right password and your confidential data will be before you.