5 Reasons Why “Smart” Tech Does Not Belong in Cars

Smart cars are a “smart” idea. However, they are not so practical in real life situation. There are many problems with smart cars but the biggest issues, has to do with safety. If a technology cannot be safely used to assist people, then it is no good. Smart car technology is a great thing to have. However, it should not be used until people can figure out how to control it. Here are 5 reasons why smart tech does not belong in cars.

Robots can Drive Like People

Currently, robots and artificial intelligence is not advanced enough to replace humans behind the wheel. Driving is a complex process that takes time to master. Robots can currently handle easy situations where they can steer the car on a clear road without any traffic or obstacles. Mechanical drivers cannot handle high traffic or complex driving situations all that well. Until this part of the technology gets improved, smart cars that drive themselves on the road should not be allowed.

Rear View Cameras in Vehicles

Rear view cameras in vehicles are great but they can also handicap people. While most newer cars have this technology, a lot of vehicles don’t. A person should not handicap themselves by relying so much on new technology to steer their vehicle. When back up, a person should get into the habit of looking over their shoulder to see what is going on behind them. Cameras and even the rear view mirror have their place; but they should never take the replace a person’s direct vision when backing up.

Sensors cannot Always Keep People out of an Accident

Sensors cannot always prevent accidents because they are not always right. Sensors are another object that should not take the place of a person’s judgment while out on the road. If a person is driving responsibly, sensors won’t be necessary. The thing is that people should learn how to use their senses, judgment and reflexes to avoid collisions.

Smart Technology and Entertainment Car Systems Don’t Mix

Smart technology can be more complex to learn for many motorists. People might not need these extra features while driving around. For example, does a person really need to watch TV programs while driving on the road? This is just one example about how car companies are going too far with adding too much technology to a vehicle. They can make these extra features a huge distraction for people while out on the road.

Smart Keys and their Problems

Smart Keys make good sense. Starting a car with a push of a button is a great thing. However, if you lose that key, you’re out of luck. Unless you have thousands of dollars to get a duplicate key, you better not ever lose the key to your car. Smart keys cannot be easily copied (which is a good thing). However, people have a tendency to lose their keys. Losing a smart car key is going to set you back in time while you get another one and money if you have to pay for it. These reasons are very important for keeping smart technology out vehicles.

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