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Welcome to VEF - Vacuum Engineering Fundamentals Online Course! The VEF online course covers vacuum engineering fundamentals, modern concept of vacuum, basic techniques and devices to create and measure a vacuum. Topics include the vacuum theory fundamentals, modern vacuum pumps, gauges, and other components design and features, materials and their behavior in a vacuum.

VEF course is created for:

  •  companies using or producing high vacuum components and systems, who want to improve their employees skills and qualification;
  •  technicians, engineers, or managers who work with vacuum equipment and like to improve your skills and knowledge;
  •  persons who work together with vacuum gurus and want to understand what are those guys always talking about?
  •  novices looking for new technical skills and knowledge for career or education goals;
  •  anybody who just wants to learn something new...

You do not need to be university or college graduated to understand this course. Dr.Vladimir Chutko, specialist with 40 years experience in vacuum engineering, describes it with simple words in a step-by-step manner. High school level math and physics knowledge is OK.

You will know what is a vacuum, how to obtain and measure it, how do vacuum pumps and gauges work, how to select and use vacuum components and materials for low and extra high vacuum applications, and many other topics. You'll get new skills and knowledge which are so necessary for successful career building!

The complete VEF course contains of 50 lessons. It takes from about 10 to maximum 30 minutes to read each of them and, perhaps, some more time to understand and memorize a content. For enrolled students we provide 24/7 online access to the complete VEF course during 120 calendar days. If by some reason it is not enough, we always can extend the terms for you.

You can take one of five short VEF courses 8-12 lessons each as well. Each short course focuses on a single narrow topic - vacuum materials and flanges, roughing pumps, high vacuum pumps, vacuum measurements, etc. For the short VEF courses we provide 24/7 online access during 40 calendar days.

Our promotion price for the complete 50 lessons VEF course is $499.00, for the short course - $199.00. We grant 20% discount for students and educational organizations. You pay via PayPal Inc. secure service. If you can't use PayPal, contact us and we discuss other payment opportunities for you. Immediately after on-line registration and payment you receive the access to the VEF course.


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